Procurement is complex.
Khareed makes it simple

Our innovative and easy-to-use solutions help standardize every step of your
procurement process so you can save time, reduce leakages, and boost productivity.

E-Procurement modules

Our range of solution modules cover all the features that are integral to the procurement process.
They can be implemented independently or as an integrated system.

Khareed’s simple software guides your procurement team through a fully automated procurement process, eliminating the need for manual paperwork while ensuring effortless compliance.


Enjoy the ease of consumer shopping in your business procurement. Drive adoption, drive down costs, and strengthen compliance.


Integrate supplier information and insights to your procurement process. Give your team the tools to make smarter purchasing decisions and avoid risks.


Get visibility and insights to optimise your business spend.


The Khareed advantage

Take your procurement to the next level with a system designed to enhance your capabilities


High flexibility

Create customized workflows, tailored document formats, and role-specific user permissions to configure Khareed to your needs.

Build in the appropriate checks and balances and approval hierarchies to ensure compliance. Create template documents to fully automate the repetitive and manual parts of the procurement process. Reduce time spent on redundant tasks and increase your flexibility.


Interactive supplier

Khareed’s messaging system is integrated with your email and lets you communicate with suppliers to clarify quotations, get more details on products, and negotiate. Users can reply to the thread on email and the system captures and stores the communication for future reference.


Self-learning capabilities

The more you use Khareed, the better the system becomes in terms of anticipating your requirements, giving insights and guidance, and making suggestions for improving your procurement


Embedded best practices

Khareed’s deep expertise in procurement management gives you an edge by bringing world class procurement best practices to you. Implementing Khareed automatically upskills your team and systematizes your procurement processes and records, making you more competitive, more efficient, and more effective as an organization.