PRISM PROCUREMENT - Procurement Solution

Procurement is complex. Your procurement solution doesn’t need to be.

The Prism Procurement module is a cloud-based e-procurement software that makes it easy to request price quotes and compare prices.

Prism streamlines the procurement process, saving procurement teams valuable time and effort that would otherwise be consumed in requisitioning quotes, evaluating bids, and filing documents. Management benefits from greater transparency and cost savings resulting from competitive tendering.

Users of Prism also benefit from access to a large and growing pool of verified vendors already listed on Khareed. This enables companies to grow their supplier base and tap into new, reliable sources to meet their procurement needs.

With Prism buyers can create standardized requests and can get quotes from multiple vendors at a click of a button. Buyers can compare multiple quotations with ease and select the best price, or they can negotiate further with the in-built messaging center. Our data management and storage mean that you’ll also have visibility in your spend and interactions with suppliers.

Procurement transparency solution for professionally run businesses

Procurement Dashboard

Verified Vendor Directory

Curated Product Catalogue

Standardized RFQ Creator

Unlimited Quotes From Vendors

Quotation Comparison Tools

Vendor Messaging

Multi-Product RFQs

RFQ Attachments

Additional RFQ Fields

RFQ PDF Generation

Quotation PDF Generation

Document and Image Library (1000 Documents)

Transaction History (1 Year)

3 Users

Procurement support solution for growing businesses

All “Professional” Features


Physical sourcing support

Document and Image Library (5000 Documents)

Transaction History (3 Year)

6 Users

Advanced procurement functionality for medium and large corporates

All “Commercial” Features


Customized RFQs

Bulk Upload to RFQ

Purchase Order Creation

Off-Platform Vendors Requisitioning

Contact Book

Select Market-Analytics Reports

Semi-Custom Role-Based User Permissions

Document and Image Library (Unlimited)

Transaction History (Unlimited)

20 Users

Customizable e-procurement solutions for multi-location enterprises

All “Corporate” Features


Workflows and Approval

Native Desktop Application

Customized Dashboards

Multi-location Procurement

ERP Compatibility

Custom Market Analytics Reports

Customized Role Based User Permissions

Unlimited Users

Dashboard Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Verified vendor directory Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Product Catalogue Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
RFQ creator Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vendor quotes 3 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Vendor messaging No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Product RFQ No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Attach images and docs to RFQ No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create additional RFQ Fields (in RFQ) No Yes Yes Yes Yes
RFQ PDF Generation No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Quotation PDF Generation No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Document and image library No 1000 docs 5000 docs Unlimited Unlimited
Transaction history 3 months 1 year 3 years Unlimited Unlimited
Users 1 3 6 20 Unlimited
Physical sourcing support No No Yes Yes Yes
Comparison tools No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bulk RFQ Upload No No No Yes Yes
Contact Book No No No Yes Yes
Requisition off-platform vendors No No No Yes Yes
Market data analytics No No No Selected Reports Custom Reports
Role based user permissions No No No Standard Roles Customized Roles
Customized RFQs No No No Yes Yes
Purchase order creation No No No Yes Yes
Workflows and approvals No No No Standard Customized
Native desktop application No No No No Yes
Customized dashboards No No No No Yes
Multi-location procurement No No No No Yes

Optional 1 week staff training fee Rs. 10,000
*1 month free trial can be availed on purchase of professional package
Sourcing support is available on request with an additional charge of PKR 25,000  per month
Prices are exclusive of GST
Minimum time period for contract is one year; 16.5% discount on annual payment