Khareed was established to provide a transparent platform for the conduct of business and commerce.

We provide consumers with transparency on the prices of products and services they are looking to procure and we provide them with honest feedback on the quality of vendors so they can find reliable trade partners.

We provide vendors with a channel through which they can reach thousands of new customers, and we provide them with market intelligence to enable them to compete more effectively. We guide our partners on price trends and their price competitiveness. We guide them on how to improve the quality of their service delivery. We help ensure that they conduct business with reliable customers.

We believe that transparency is the key to ensuring good business practices, and good business practices are the key to success. These beliefs form the foundation stone of our values.


Be transparent in all conduct
  • Maintain honesty and integrity in all dealings
  • Encourage open communication within the team and with clients
  • Freely share good practices and openly highlight areas for improvement
Uphold the highest professional standards
  • Strive to exceed client expectations through exceptional service delivery
  • Ensure there is no conflict of interest in client dealings
  • Maintain client confidentiality
  • Build long-lasting client relationships based on trust
  • Manage resources cost-effectively and efficiently
  • Treat others with respect
Constantly strive for exceptional performance
  • Create a meritocratic environment and encourage people improvement
  • Drive continuous improvement through research and development
  • Keep learning new things
  • Be open to innovation and out of the box thinking
  • Be efficient without compromising on quality