Khareed Joining Year: 2018

Al Wahab Electric

Heating and ventilation and air circulation | Electrical equipment and components and supplies | Electrical wire and cable and harness
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Ampere Meter
16mm2 single core pvc ca
PVC Insulated Copper Cable 3/29 250/440 (04491X)
Wiring Cable - Fast Cables - 1mm2
Air Circuit Breaker 1600-A Terasaki AR216S 65KA
3/.029 (Cu / Pvc 250/440v)
PVC Cable 1 core 1mm
Addressable Manual Call Point Model
A4-Tech Op-620D Optical Mouse
Exhaust Fan (Metal) Copper - Pak Fan
Bracket Fan
Alarm Devices - Kidde Fenwal
Cable Duct
C/T 400/5
Dollar Ink (On Board Dry-Erase) 15 ml (Blue, Black)
M203 Dw Printer
Air Cool - MEC-1000
Automation components
Electric Cable 4 Core 0.75mm - Pakistan Cables
Electronic Alarm Sounder
24 Port Non Manageable Switches
Breaker 3 Pole 63A
Ear Plug
AC Clamp Meter 3280-10F Hioki Japan
AGS Battery 12V - 200 Amp
Hyundai - Korea
Dollar Clipper Ball Pen
Din Rail Optocoupler
Air Lubricator Loe-3/4-Dmaxi
AC Circuit Card General 2 Tons
Pakistan Cable
Adapter E40 To E27 China
Ballpoint Pen
Bracket Fan 18" GCF
Cable Lugs 10mm
AC Circuit Card General 2 Tons
Ar2165 1600A Adjustable 640-1600A 65Ka Without Any Accessories
PVC Flexible Cable 4 Core 2.5mm - Fast Cables
Bolan fans
3 Element Controller
S BAR THICK 1 1 2 WIDTH 1 1 4
Adapter E40 To E27 Sona Tech
Bracket Fan 24" 230 V
Electronic Multifunction Voltage Relays
Industrial Evaporative Air Cooler Model# USIEAC 54481100BD
Electric Bulb 100W, Warm Light, E-27 Type (Make: Philips)
Air Filter AF-25729
Air Fan
Die 3mm-25mm
Ensor Wtv4-3P3441S Diffuse Pnp Sick Old
Flood Light Rod 250 Watt
PVC Flexible Cable 4 core 0.5mm
Deep groove ball bearing 6200 ZZ
Copper Cable
Ceiling Fan - Royal - Rl050
Eden Standing Geyer
PVC [Stranded] Flat Cable 2 Core 2.5mm2
Electric Starter With All Protections For 60HP Induction Motor Hyundai Korea
Sanmu Axial Fans
Cable ties 12" all available