Khareed Joining Year: 2018


Clinical chemistry testing systems, components, and supplies | Structural components and basic shapes | Janitorial equipment
| Lamps and lightbulbs and lamp components | Lighting Fixtures and Accessories | Grinding and polishing and smoothing materials | Paints and primers and finishes | Electrical wire and cable and harness | Security surveillance and detection
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Shop No. 15, Hatim Manzil, Baba-e-Urdu Road, Karachi.




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Prime LED Tube 18 Watt 4Ft Warm
Emery Paper No. 1.5
Fix Bolt
LED Floor Lamp - Future Technologies - Osmium
Refrigerator - PEL - Mirror Glass Door
Aluminum Sheet
Capacitor 80-110 MFD Blue
Allen Key Bolt
Air Circuit Breaker 1600-A Terasaki AR216S 65KA
LED Bulb
Pad Lock 3.5
115G Soap White Lifebuoy
Painting Roller 9" for Emulsion Paint
Free Style Ketone Strips
ICI Paint Matte Finish
Cable Duct
Caster Wheel
Solar Panel - Lightserve
LED Panel - Premier
LED Light - 12W
Enamel Paint
Battery Charger
Spiral Pipe 10mm
Drill Chuck 12mm Threaded
Adjustable Screw Wrench
Allen Key Set
Adjustable Screw Wrench
Battery N175
Ear Plug
AC Clamp Meter 3280-10F Hioki Japan
4"LED Panel Light 220V AC 7W In Warm Color
Antibiotic Test Kit Strips 96 strips per pack (Brand: Ring Bio Science)
Allen Key Set 1.5 - 10mm 9-Pcs, Brand: Crown Man
Allen Key M3
Hyundai - Korea
Dollar Clipper Ball Pen
Disposable Safety Mask
Air Lubricator Loe-3/4-Dmaxi
LED Light 5 Watt (Color Daylight)
AC Circuit Card General 2 Tons
Adapter E40 To E27 China
Brass Rod
Base For Dig O/P Card 132-1BHOO-OXBO Sie
AC Circuit Card General 2 Tons
Allen Bolt 5mm x 25mm
Ar2165 1600A Adjustable 640-1600A 65Ka Without Any Accessories
Aluminium Casting
Osram Ecofitz Waterproof 4ft 40w 4400lm Ip65
S BAR THICK 1 1 2 WIDTH 1 1 4
Adapter E40 To E27 Sona Tech
SMD - Hi-Sharp - 7W 3In
Die Chaser Set
Industrial Evaporative Air Cooler Model# USIEAC 54481100BD
LED Light - 20-24 V - 10 W - China
Ceiling Light 20W
Bulb Clear
Combination No.12 J-Tech
Electric Bulb 100W, Warm Light, E-27 Type (Make: Philips)
Air Filter AF-25729
Allen Key 2.5mm
Connector T (A Side 30mm) (B Side 30mm) (TMH 30)
Flood Light Rod 250 Watt
Epoxy Paint Hardener Nippon Paint
Captain Brush
Anex Oven Toaster (AG-1064)