At Khareed, we understand what it takes to create a great working environment. We want to create a place where great individuals come together to produce exceptional results.

Our solutions are used some of the largest companies in Pakistan to reliably and transparently conduct their business.

We have a mission to become one of the premier technology and professional services firms originating in Pakistan. We employ global management best-practices, efficient systems and processes, and state-of-the-art technology infrastructure to create an exceptional work environment for exceptional people.

Khareed offers a number of exciting roles for individuals willing to work in a challenging and creative environment. Khareed is a startup, and roles and responsibilities of team members are not rigid. We expect team members to roll up their sleeves and take ownership for delivering a high quality customer experience. This means engaging in 360 degrees of the work, end to end, wherever required. Typical areas of work are described below.

Business Development

The business development role is a marketing, customer relationship management, and industry specialist job rolled into one. Business development associates drive the acquisition, onboarding, and day-to-day facilitation of Khareed’s users, buyers and vendors alike.

Business development associates benefit from exposure to a wide range of functional activities at Khareed, from analyzing the business processes of corporate clients to facilitating multi-million rupee commercial transactions.

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Business to Business sales

The B2B sales team drives Khareed’s growth by marketing products and services to companies and explaining Khareed’s value proposition to clients. Sales team members regularly visit clients in the market, including manufacturers, wholesalers, and traders and bring them on to the Khareed platform. Sales team members are highly motivated and energetic individuals with strong interpersonal and communication skills and a can-do attitude.

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Procurement Services

The procurement services role is at the core of Khareed’s operations. Procurement officers support our clients in sourcing products, discovering new vendors, negotiating prices, and selecting the product that best meets clients’ requirements.
Procurement officers are networkers that create and cultivate long-lasting relationships with both clients and vendors, while building content knowledge on a variety of products and services.

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Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics is the backbone of Khareed’s decision making. With data from multiple transactions flowing in at a breakneck pace, analysts at Khareed interpret that data and information to create insights that inform business decisions and strategy.
Data analysts insure that every transaction and price point is a learning experience for both organizations involved. Transactions in the hundreds on their own may be forgotten and ignored, but the insights they generate leave impressions and effect organizational tactics.

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Web Development

Khareed's web development team is responsible for continuously strengthening and improving the features and functionality of Khareed’s application. Developers specialize in either front-end, back-end, or mobile development, and work closely with the business development team to deliver highly intuitive, user friendly functionality for our clients.
Back-end developers develop the logic and core functionality of the systems at Khareed. We are always pushing to enhance our features and develop new innovative solutions for our clients. Developers at Khareed get the opportunity to stretch their existing skills and develop new ones.
Front-end developers create the Khareed look-and-feel. Front-end developers meet challenges head-on with their day-to-day designing and optimizations to create a seamless, easy-to-use experience for users.

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Graphics Design

Graphic designers bring their creativity and aesthetic skills to helping create a visually engaging experience for users and clients of Khareed. Designers work with nearly all departments of Khareed, from helping the product development team in making an attractive user interface to collaborating with the marketing team to create beautiful presentations, advertisements and marketing materials.
Graphic designers enjoy a high degree of creative autonomy and are constantly engaged in challenging and exciting assignments that help Khareed project its services and increase its reach.

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